Sunday, 1 December 2013

Good morning everyone
I thought I would share my latest project with you
I wanted to make a advent calender for my beautiful grandson to use year after year and maybe even pass down to his 1st born
It has taken me over a month to do but I think it was worth it.

I started with a blank papier mache advent calender

Then I gave it two coats of paint, I painted the main body in red and then alternated the drawer colours in red,green and purple

Then I sorted through all my backing papers to find one's I liked and cut them to size and pasted them on using decopatch glue,(which is also a varnish) then pasted over the top and waited for them to dry. I also varnished the main body of the calender. 

Then I set about designing a picture to cover the back with and one to go in the center front. I designed it using the papermania enchanted Christmas cd which has some truly beautiful and magical design elements on it. I added some glitter to elements of the pictures and  then I pasted them on. As the back was larger than A4 I cut a piece of decorative paper to go by the side of it and used the same paper to decorated the sides of the calender. And again I finished it off with decopatch to seal it all.

Then I added a wooden stand to it to give it stability and covered it with paper and sealed it.
I then set about guilding it to give it a aged look and put coloured number peeloffs on the drawer fronts.

Finally I added a Christmas ornament inside the front recess which I stuck down with silicone glue

I hope you like the finished calender :)