Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Good morning fellow crafters,I hope you are all managing to get some crafting done? I have been busy the last couple of weeks decorating my bedroom. Things take me much longer to do these days as I have to do a little,rest a lot unlike years ago when I would have had a room done in 48 hours and not slept until it was finished. Oh how we waste our youth and spend the rest of our lives wishing we had made the most of it while we had it. It's a very true saying that " Youth is wasted on the young" You see older people going about their daily lives and never imagine how many of them are suffering terrible pain in silence with a smile on their faces until it's you doing it. So to all of you that craft for therapy or to take your minds off the daily pain you suffer I Salute you all. I know it puts me in a place where I can be happy and forget my woes.
After resting for a few days I am hoping to get in my craft room for a couple of days and make some much needed cards. One of the bonuses of being on a few design teams is that it makes you get in there and make something when you may otherwise just rest,and although at times you need to rest it is not good to get into a rut of doing to much of it. So hopefully I will be back soon with some new creations to share with you. So in the meantime happy crafting to you all xx

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