Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying you're week.
A month or so ago I went to a craft fair and spent all my pennies on some new fab things. However I ran out of money as you do, because even if I had taken a thousand pounds with me it still wouldn't have been enough lol. Anyway one regret I had was that I couldn't afford to buy the festive fashions stamps by Katie Sue designs. So as I was lucky enough to have been bought the Fabulous Fashions cd by a friend, I thought if I printed out from the digi designs I was sure I could colour them to look festive. So I printed out collection 3 dress and decided it would look good in a frosty look. I have been doing a lot of looking at my crafty stash lately and seeing what I can do with it other than what it is meant for and it feels like I have doubled my stash by thinking out of the box.
I hope you like the finished card, I am happy with the result and I do like making cards that are not such traditional Christmas,although I do like traditional to.

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seemacrafts said...

Fabulous card thank you for joining in over at the friendly crafters blog event