Friday, 18 October 2013

Hello everyone!
I expect it happens to everyone at some time, that moment when you are led down in bed just about to slip into slumberland and there it is,that one thought that pops into you're mind and stops you from falling asleep Grrrrr.
Well that happened to me last night as I realised that I needed to make a card for a friends birthday on Saturday,not too late then lol.
So up I got bright, and much to early, to make a start. It's taken me all day with only a break for breakfast and no lunch but I have finished it. I know it's a long time to take to make a card but I am a bit of a perfectionist lol.
My friend,for his sins is a Bristol City fan and has been for many many years so I wanted to make him a football card. I saw a video recently for a shutter card and have never made one before so I thought I would give it a go. The measurements that were given on the video were a little small for me as I like bigger cards,so it took a while but I worked out new measurements and this is the result.
I used a piece of card 15" x 7" and scored at 2.5",5" then the same the other end and then cut from the 1st to the last scoreline 1.5" from the top and the same from the bottom,then  I folded the score line in mountain and valley folds. Then I folded the centre piece opposite ways to the top and bottom and decorated it.
I hope you like it and maybe be inspired to give something new a try. Happy crafting!


Alice Monique said...

That is just way to fun! I love your card! Uniquely made!
Hugs, Alice

Angie's card designs said...

Thank you Alice,and thank you for taking the time to leave you're comment
Hugs Angie

pauline said...

i love this, i hate football but the card is great xx